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Blue Reefs



Fish store Details               Blue Reefs
Address   Blue Reefs
82, Triq Guzeppi Mattew Callus,
MST 4105
Telephone No   27 M-A-R-I-N-E (2762 7463)
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Blue Reefs Live Stock



Dear All,
We wish to inform you that we have just received the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of CORAL Magazine.

Also, if you currently have any of our water jerricans, we would like to remind you to return them. 



Dear All,

Its FRAG FRIDAY tomorrow!!!

Come and have a look.

We will be open from 10:30am - 07:00pm



Dear All,

We wish to inform you that we have just received a shipment of soft corals from Vietnam.

We will be open today, Sunday 23rd December, from 10;00am - 03:00pm

We will also be open tomorrow, Monday 24th December, from 10:30am - 05:00pm

Here is a list of the corals that have arrived:

Bubble Anemones
Chili sponge
Kenya tree coral
Xenia coral
(Assorted) Orange Mushroom corals
Tonga blue mushroom coral
Colored Tonga blue mushroom coral
Dark green Elephant ear mushroom coral
Ricordea Florida mushroom
Green star polyps
( Orange color) Tree coral
Zoanthid button polyps



Amazonas Jan/Feb 13 Issue NOW AVAILABLE




Dear All,

We would like to inform you that we will be receiving a consignment of Hard Australian Coral and for this reason we will be closed all day today.

We will be open with the new stock tomorrow, 23/11/2012 from 10.30am till 07.00pm

Here is the list of the New Arrivals

Gorgonia - Colors available are purple and orange

Stylophora spp pink

Euphyllia ancora green 

Turbinaria reniformis cups green

Montipora spp green 

Favia Pallida - Colors green and red 

Goniopora lobata - Colors available green and purple

Euphyllia glabrescenc 

Favites Chinensis flourescent green

Turbinaria Peltata 

Eupyllia ancora 



Dear All,

We would like to inform you that we will be receiving a consignment of fish and invertebrates today with over 210 heads arriving

For this reason we will be closed all day but we will open tomorrow, 14/11/12, from 10:30am - 07:00pm with the new stock.

We are expecting a variety of Clownfish, Angelfish, Butterflyfish,  Damsels, Wrasses, Gobies and Blennies, Lionfish, Eels, Tangs, Starfish and Anemones

We will not be in a position to take any of your calls today.



FRAG FRIDAYS tomorrow at Blue Reefs 

Dear All,

We wish to inform you that as of tomorrow the following coral frags will be available for sale:

Soft Corals Frags


Red People Eaters        

Blue Steel

Green Steel

Green Bay Packers (Green/Orange)

Super Green

Radioactive Dragon Eye


Green Palythoas

Red Gorgonia

Blue Xenia

Leather Mushroom Coral

Large Soft Corals

Green Ricordea Yuma Mushroom

Orange Centre Soft Polyps

Green Star Polyps

Discosoma Vietnam Mushrooms

Sea Fan - Web Type

Assorted Soft Polyps

Blue Steel Ghana Polyps

Green Steel Ghana Polyps

Other Invertebrates

Assorted Tube Worms

Boxing Shrimp

Monkey Shrimp

Camel Shrimp

Blood Shrimps

Blue Spot Green Marble Shrimps

Bubble Anemones

Heteractis Anemone

Fish also available

Brown Tang
Blue Stripped Cleaner
Decorated Firefish
Bi-Colour Blenny
Golden Head Butterfly
Eibli's Angel
Blonde Naso Tang (very good price)
Smith's Blenny
Scribbled Blenny
Checkerboard Wrasse
Clark's Clownfish
Sebae Clownfish




Dear All,

We will be redesigning our display tank, and the livestock which has inhabited our tank for the past 2 years will be available for SALE BY AUCTION.

We will be holding this Auction due to the large number of requests we have had for these fish.

Here is a list of the fish and inverts available and their starting bid price:

1) 3 Green Chromis - Euro24
2) Bangai Cardinal - Euro18
3) Yellow Tang - Euro50
4) Regal Tang - Euro60
5) Saddleback Clown - Euro18
6) Tomato Clown - Euro18
7) Neon Engineer Goby - Euro22
8) Yellow Coris Wrasse - Euro18
9) Pyjama Cardinal - Euro15
10) Yellow Watchman Goby - Euro18
11) Boxing Shrimp - Euro15
12) Mini Carpet Anemone Green - Euro40
13) Green Bubble Anemone - Euro30

The Auction will take place on Monday 1st October at 18:00 (6:00pm) sharp.

Due to the small size of our shop, we encourage only those interested in the above livestock to attend, and to be prepared to complete the purchase when the auction ends.

The fish will be ready packed in bags before the Auction starts. The highest bidder will be required to settle the amount bid and take the fish immediately when the auction for that fish ends.

Here is how it will all work:

The fish will be numbered and packed in separate bags according to the list above

We will start the auction off with fish number 1 at the price marked above.

Interested persons in this fish, will then be given a chance to place their bids on that fish

Once the bidding stops, then the last bidder would have won that fish.

The highest bidder would then proceed in completing the purchase by settling with cash, credit card or cheque, irrespective of whether he is interested in bidding on another fish.

If the highest bidder is not in a position to settle and complete the payment, then the transaction is void and the bidding on that fish will start again, from the 2nd highest bid.

The highest bidder would then not be able to participate in any other auctions.

We will then move on to fish number 2

These rules have been put in place to give a fair chance to those genuinely interested in purchasing this livestock, we ask that you respect them if you wish to take part in this auction.


If you have any questions regarding the Auction or the fish, please call 9944 0145



Last few RING OF FIRE Frags remaining

Nitrate Sulpur Bead Reactor

- Suitable for Marine and FreshWater Aquariums
- Lowers NO3 in Marine Tanks
- Lowers NO3 and PH in Freshwater making it ideal for Discus tanks and South American Setups.

- 2 sizes available: up to 160l and up to 440l



Dear All,

Blue Reefs is the official agent for CORAL Magazine and AMAZONAS Magazine in Malta.
Let CORAL sharpen your reef keeping skills and expand your knowledge of coral reef fishes, invertebrates, and natural history. 

Discover a magazine with cover-to-cover excellence: must-read articles, brilliant photography, new ideas, new species, and new products for marine aquarium enthusiasts.  

It would be best to reserve your copy and subscribe for future issues.


We would also like to announce that AMAZONAS, a magazine dedicated to freshwater, is COMING SOON....

Put in your order today, to benefit from the introductory special offer.

AMAZONAS is one of the world’s legendary freshwater aquarium magazines, read by tens of thousands of tropical fish enthusiasts and now available for the first time in English.

New species discoveries, awesome aquarium profiles, breeding breakthroughs, expeditions to wild tropical streams and lakes, hands-on advice and secrets to keeping a thriving, stunningly beautiful freshwater aquarium are the focus of every sumptuously printed issue.

Written by experts and illustrated with breathtaking color images, AMAZONAS is a must read for the adventuresome freshwater aquarist—a constant source of new ideas, cutting edge information and inspiration.


Dear All,

Blue Reefs is now making, setting up a marine tank even easier and more affordable.

Choose one or both of the starter packs below to make sure you give your aquarium the best start possible and also keep a close watch on your water conditions.

Starter Pack 1

1 DD RowaPhos 500ml     
1 DD RowaCarbon 500ml  
1 DD RowaKalk           
1 Salinity Refractometer         
WAS - Euro97.20
NOW - Euro87.50

Starter Pack 2

1 Salinity Refractometer          
1 NO3 Test                         
1 NO2 Test                          
1 Ammonia Test                    

WAS - Euro63.35
NOW - Euro58.00

Available until stocks last


Testing and Correcting Alkalinity in your Aquarium

H2Ocean by D-D The Aquarium Solution have come up with a 3 in 1 test kit for you to be able to keep a close watch on the Calcium, Magnesium and KH levels in your aquarium.

Follow the link below to watch a detailed video of how to use this test.

Your test results for the test should read:

Calcium                             420 – 450 mg/l

Magnesium                        1350 mg/l

KH                                     8 – 12 mg/l

It is important that should your result not be within the above ranges immediate steps are taken to arrange this.

D-D RowaKalk will help correct Calcium and KH levels

SERA component 6 will help correct your magnesium levels.

The SERA component 6 will be given free when purchasing the test kit and the RowaKalk together, until stocks last.

The offer is only applicable if you buy the package below:

The package includes:

1)      Test kit D-D The Aquarium Solution CA/Mg/KH

2)      D-D RowaKalk

3)      SERA component 6 (free)

Total price of package – Euro 65.50 instead of Euro72.00


Available until stocks last


BLUE REEFS is now offering you D-D pre-mixed salt water.

This salt water is RO water mixed with D-D enriched salt, conveniently ready for you to do your water change.

Water has to be booked 2 days in advance.

For more information please contact Simon or Sarah.


We now also have cured artificial live rock and this is available for sale.

We also wish to inform you that we now have BLUE LED STRIP LIGHTING available on order. This sells by the meter.

Dear All,

We wish to inform you that we have just received blue steel and green steel polyps direct from Ghana. This is a first for Malta!!

Frags of these polyps are also available.